Everyone Has Gone Wild For This Womans Hot Mugshot


If you remember, a couple of years ago Jeremy Meeks went viral after people picked up on the fact that he looked pretty hot in his mugshot.

He served 27 months for felony weapon charges, and – upon his release – got himself a modelling contract.

That bodes well for Sarah Seawright, whose mugshot just went viral. Taken in April, after Sarah failed to appear in court for a careless driving charge, the photo was shared to website Ugly Plastic, and is now being shared with the hashtag, #prisonbae.

In the past, Sarah has also been charged with aggravated robbery, 1st degree battery, kidnapping, hindering apprehension, and tampering with evidence, but that doesn’t seem to worry the good people of Twitter:

Some people are pointing out that she looks a bit like Daenerys, from Game of Thrones…

… We can see it..

Image Credit: Heavy

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