Genius Wife Cuts Hole In Lawn Chair For Her Pregnant Belly

Mostmothers willagree the the final week of pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable… and feeling a sense of relief is more than welcomed.

Which is why, just 10 days before Kristen’s due date, she called her husband Cory to the backyard.“Apparently there’s some sort of invention that I need to see,” Cory says, walking out back with his videocamera recording. Once he reaches the deck, he finds Kristen sprawled out on a lawn chair, relaxing to the maximum and that’s because she cut a belly-sized hole in the chair, which lets her lay flat on her stomach with her belly hanging down through the opening. “BRILLIANT!!!” Cory writes on YouTube. “This needs to be a thing!”

Cory can’t help but laugh at the hilarious makeshift “pregnancy lawn chair,” but it’s also pretty genius. The hole makes is so Mom can fully relax, and for her baby to feel a relief of pressure.

Cory is no stranger to viral videos. In fact, he had one of the early viral videos in 2007 with “The Mean Kitty Song,” which has garnered nearly 100 million views on YouTube. Let’s hope Cory and Kristen experience similar online success with their pregnancy lawn chair. Better hurry up and get that patent, guys.

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